Monday, July 11, 2011

Too many fucking people

Pun intended.

I think it's time we (North America) implement a "one child per family rule", or require parents to get legal permission to bring a child into this world. Unfortunately, this likely won't happen until we reach a global population of around 9 billion, because people are too fucking greedy and stupid to realize we can't maintain this level of consumption for much longer. Governments and corporations also maintain that we need to breed more because, with the current level of technology, population growth is needed to maintain our luxurious way of life. Many people are clearly just not capable of raising a child. I'm frequently hearing about parents beating their kids to death because they deleted a game save, or leaving them to starve while playing WoW and farmville.

Selective breeding would be a good choice, since it seems to be the poor people who are genetically predisposed to being complete fucking morons that can't bring themselves to pull out or use a fucking condom, and as a result have a family of 13 by age 32. This would help alleviate the population problem, and might actually get some people entering the workforce in the next 20 years that aren't destined to flip burgers or pump gas.

When I hear that the birth rate is declining, I think "Good. It's about fucking time". This is a huge issue, and it's only going to get worse in the next decade unless some restrictions are put in place. I mean, for Christ's sake, since 1960 the population has gone up 4 billion, 4 fucking BILLION!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Today was a first

I got punched in the face by a dog today... I was coming home from work when I saw someone I knew taking their dog for a walk, so I stopped for a chat. It seems the dog was glad to seem me, as it jumped up to lick my face. The problem was it was a great dane weighing in at around 65kg. The dog leapt up, and just as its feet were about to hit my chest, its owner pulled back on the leash, so instead of paws on the chest and a lick on the cheek I received a full force nose punt right in the face.