Tuesday, December 23, 2014


The other day I saw someone reminiscing fondly about GFWL.  When asked what the fuck he was on about he replied he "loved" Gamerscore and how it carried over to your Xbox account and visa versa. I told that silly fuck that if you want to see numbers go up as you buy and play games just take a look at your credit card bill. You could even pretend your past due notices are achievements...

GFWL is defunct for a good reason. It was incredibly restrictive and hardly ever worked the way it was intended. The only thing I ever hear people missing about it is the epeen extention it provided for people shallow enough to care about Gamerscore and achievements. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Every now and then I run into someone online or in life that gets inexplicably offended by the use of "colorful" language.

When it comes right down to it, swearing is used for a number of reasons. Generally I find its most reasonable use as an emphasis on topics or people. I think the only time it becomes excessive is when someone has a painfully narrow vocabulary and says fuck every second word or as a replacement for nouns, verbs and adjectives. It's situations like these these that make me want to give these people a hardcover Websters dictionary, or hit them with one...

The people who get offended not just by the use of coarse language but by its very existence are the ones that irritate me the most. These are the same kind of people who coined the phrase "shut the front door" and "oh my days" because even "oh my god" seemed too uncouth to them. The thing is, these opinions are rarely developed through experience and are instead forcefully inserted into their heads at a young, impressionable age. These people are not actually offended when they hear someone swear; their parents and grandparents are. They aren't showing their discontent at the words you've used, they're showing how well their brainwashing is holding up 20 years down the road.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

As with most of my musings, this one stems from interactions with "people" on the Internet. I grew up in a rather small community of around 500 or so people which dwindled instead of growing over time. As a result I could usually just avoid stubborn people that had minds so closed its a wonder they didn't asphyxiate. My arrival online really allowed me to gain a greater perspective on the diversity of people out there, or more accurately the lack thereof.  There seems to only be a few different types of people in the world. Mainly idiots, but also some people with a simple lack of knowledge. This mild revelation led me to make these observation.

There's a large difference between stupidity and lack of knowledge.  Someone with a lack of knowledge can always learn, provided they're not too stubborn to do so. Stupid people can't think for themselves. They can only regurgitate the information that's been hammered into them. They also seem incapable of actually learning, and get insanely defensive if someone tries to correct the faulty information that was forced into their narrow little minds through repetition.

Those with lack of knowledge generally have adaptive brains, whereas stupid people have static programming.  If you try to correct a stupid person their programming can't take it. They lock up and become defensive.

Religious people seem to be more akin to the latter than the former and usually come off as a more pretentious form of it. Barring some kind of traumatic life experience that forces them to convert, they are usually programmed from a very young age so as not to question the legitimacy of their forced beliefs. Upon trying to discuss existential matters with them they stop thinking and revert to their programming, spouting words like "sinner" and "blasphemy".  They are incapable of objective or critical thinking and become defensive as though looking at life from a different point of view would corrupt them or, in all actuality, free them from their brainwashing. 

There are just too many idiots on this planet and first world conditions have made it way to easy for them to continue living and breed.  Forgoing a rant about how we're doomed as a result, I'll just say that we shouldn't start caring about the murder rate until well after it's exceeded the birth rate.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

On perceived racism and other bullshit.

If you spend any amount of time on a social network these days, chances are you often hear people prattling on about "racism".  In case you haven't heard, if someone is described by their physical traits it's racist.  Funny how I'm Caucasian yet I'm still called white...  The only reason such terms are deemed offensive is because people CHOOSE to be offended by them.  I'm probably not going to call black people I know niggers, but I'll sure as fuck refer to them is black because they very obviously are!  Just like overweight people are fat, and people with poor hygiene stink.  These are not insults, they're accurate observations!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Women Will Whine

Saw a new game coming out on steam today.  Went to the forums to see what the good word was.  Turns out some overly vocal bitch came to whine about how they didn't provide a strong female character to help her pretend she wasn't fat and useless.

Her "logic" was about how there's no way a large, built man could wield a war hammer, so they should provide a female character since neither would be able to do the things that are shown in the game.

Then another "person" of a similar mindset came in and said the devs were sexist?  Wow.  So basically the devs are sexist because they didn't provide a female character to placate bitching consumers like the OP?

So are they also homophobic and discriminatory because they didn't create a gay character for the homosexuals?  Or a eunuch for the castrated to play as?  Or a drag-queen for the cross dressers to play as?  Or how about a wheelchair bound character for the cripples?  Etc.

Back in the day did all the recently pubescent boys whine when there wasn't a playable male character in Tomb Raider? No, they locked their doors while playing so they could rub one out to Laura's huge 32 bit tits and blocky ass...

I find that in these modern times of entitled twats people have forgotten that companies are in no way obligated to cater to every single niche out there.

Terms like sexist, homophobe, and discrimination are thrown around way too much these days.  Most cases of these things actually aren't.  They're just being described as such by idiots who spit media buzzwords like gatling guns spit bullets:  rapidly and with little accuracy.

Just like everything else on the market, some people will buy it and some won't.  Then there's that special breed that shows up online to cry about it because everyone in their real life would either laugh at them, disown them or leave the room the second they brought it up...

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Another Year Past The Alleged End Of The World

Well, it's 2014 and we still haven't been whipped off the planet.  I'm feeling safer all the time.  Well, from bogus doomsday prophecies anyway...

To be honest I nearly forgot about my little rant box again until I saw some unpublished comment notifications in my alt email box. I'd say that life being busy has attributed to this, but I think it's more on the side of terrible memory.

Life's been good...though to be fair it's also been terrible.  But to be fair that's kind of par for the course when it comes to life anyway.

Got some new toys, met some new people, but then also ended up stuck in the hospital for three fucking weeks with encephalitis, so that was horrible.  Doctors say I must have 100 lives to keep pulling through this kind of shit with little to no irreparable damage, so I should have around 94 left I guess...

Well, shit.  I'm not sure I'm bitter or articulate enough for a true rant today, just this run of the mill update.

Perhaps I'll drop by again next time I'm good and pissed and write something you can nod your equally infuriated heads to.  Till then.