Monday, February 14, 2011

Where are all the Dutch women at?

Okay, the title may be a little misleading, but still.

I received an email the other day asking the reason behind my sometimes sporadic updates. Well, sometimes I just calm the fuck down and can't find anything entertaining to rant about, and sometimes shit comes down all at once, leaving me with a lingering sense of inspiration to fly off the handle. In this case, it's more of a "holy shit, this is awesome" kind of inspiration, instead of the usual, "die you miserable pig fucker", kind of inspiration.

Knotrust is an Austrian crossover band, meaning they know a few different languages and use them all in their music, which is surprisingly awesome.

I first heard of Kontrust when Hentai Palm went down about a year ago. Hentai Guru Numbus posted the video to Knotrust's hit single, Bomba, as a place holder . At first I just loled, but then found myself going back to the downtime page again and again just to listen to it. After a while I tracked down a couple more of their songs and came to the conclusion that this is a band I would actually be willing to pay money to listen to, so I digitally cantered on over to itunes and bought Time to Tango, which is their latest album. After listening to that for a while I started to crave more, so I went and bought their previous album Welcome Home. While not as awesome as Time to Tango, it was still pretty good. I then tracked down their first album, Make me Blind, through other methods as I couldn't find it for sale anywhere, which is probably a good thing as it was shit by my standards and appears to have come out before they got that hot female lead they currently have.

Here is a link to their official video for Bomba. If you don't get a lol or three out of this there is probably something wrong with you. If you find it strangely compelling as I did, I suggest you find some place to squander your money and get yourself a copy, be it digital or physical.

Kontrust on itunes

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