Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fuck You, Mozilla

Funny how the new Firefox 4 "upgrade" is in all actuality a downgrade.

Upon checking for updates this evening, I was promised greater stability, increased performance and speed, and an intuitive new layout with Firefox 4. What could go wrong, right? Well, for starters I had to download no less than 5 new add-ons just so it would be half ways usable for me. If you go to the Mozilla forums to state such an opinion the faggots come right out of the woodwork like they were laying in wait and tell you that with progress comes change, and that you should get used to it in a few hours. Guess fucking what. 6 years of hard wiring my brain to open tabs by right clicking and going to the second option cannot be undone by spending a few hours with a shitty new rendition of a good browser. Aside from this, the progress bar has been changed into an epilepsy sufferers worst nightmare. Instead of being able to monitor it constantly, it flashes information at you when it feels like it, which is more than a little distracting. Buttons have been arbitrarily moved around due to what can only be described as developer cranial trauma, and the options menu seems to have been stripped down so as to not intimidate the idiots they are hoping to snare with this glittery, substancless update.

What fucks me off the most about all this is that I like to be up to date on security and shit for obvious reasons, but this is just way too aggravating. Of course Mozilla will be supporting 3.6 (Which I have already switched back to) for a "while", but whether this will be months or mere weeks remains to be seen.

In short, yiff in hell, Mozilla, you cock gobbling retards.


  1. I hate it too. I fucking never can clear the goddamn search history. All these new broswers fucking suck - Microsoft, Google Chrome - you name it fuck em all.

  2. Mozilla has this to say -
    " dear developers and enterprises ... FUCK YOU !"

  3. The idiots at Mozilla give retards a bad name.

  4. they should rename it to FuckZilla, fucken firefuck, clumsy fuckers