Monday, May 2, 2011

Oldfags and Sony

These days, wherever I go online, I'm constantly witness to an ongoing battle between old fags and new fags. One thing the old fags tend to do relentlessly is attempt to belittle the new fags by saying that they're greedy kids, and expect everything to be given to them on a silver platter free of charge. This pathetic argument usually rears its head on gaming sites, when people who spend $60 on software expect it to include what it was advertised by the development team as including. This is where the old fags come in swinging their dusty nuts and saying things like "When I was your age we payed $100 for an 8-bit game that was 2 hours long, and we liked it just fine!". The entire spectacle reminds me very much of that old Weird Al song where he goes on for several minutes about how rough shit was when he was your age.

This timeless, classic argument usually coincides with the new fags getting bitter over on disc dlc, or features that were advertised, then quietly removed before release only to be added in at a later date for a "small" fee. Though this "small fee" is generally 10% of the value of the "full" product. It pretty much all boils down to our old friend fanboyism. People standing up on their soapbox with their "I love big business" sandwich board and crying at the top of their lungs about how the greedy consumers are killing developers and console giants by demanding too much for their money. It's shocking the kind of things some of these people will attempt to defend. Just this week I saw someone on Kotaku telling everyone to calm down, because gosh darnit, Sony is really trying their best to fess up and make amends for having security that is akin to a piece of swiss cheese. When a company like Sony fucks up bad enough that someone gains access to their "secure" systems, resulting in the theft of over 77 million peoples personal information, and the best they can do is a halfhearted apology where the heads of the company bow for a few seconds, trying to defend their incompetence just makes you look like the corporate scrotum cleaner you are. I mean really, the heads of this company are Japanese, getting them to bow is about as difficult as getting a fast food attendant to ask if you want fries with that. Though to be realistic, it's likely that 20 million or so of those accounts were using fake info.

Lately, during this security clusterfuck, I've even seen some people that think all the fuss is about not having online access to their games for over two weeks. These people are likely mentally incapacitated, or twelve, and don't realize the gravity of having nearly all your personal information short of your sin card and picture ID stolen. In all fairness, though, Sony is offering all basic PSN customers a free month of PS+, and they might even grease their palms with a free PSN mini! This totally makes up for having to get your credit card replaced, and the knowledge that no matter what you do, some pale, malicious fuck out there has your full name/date of birth/country/city/street address/zip code and PSN ID.

Hmm, I seem to have gone off on a bit of a tangent there. Where was I? Oh yeah, old fags should shut the fuck up.

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