Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Business is getting too serious

It seems no one online has a sense of humor any more. I just got a 45 day suspension from gfaqs for having the words "Gfaq mods are small bundles of sticks." in my signature. Well, it was there for about two months before I got slammed into purgatory for it, so I guess that speaks to the level of intelligence most mods over there have. But as they say, all good things come to an end, and it appears someone with a brain figured out what it meant.

Another time someone was whining about homophobia in games and was asking if Saints Row 3 would have the same level of "homophobia" as the other entries in the series. Now lets set aside the fact that just because a game does not endorse the bumbing lifestyle does not mean it's homophobic, it just doesn't cater to faggots, and focus on the fact that I was banned for responding "One can only hope". It seems it doesn't matter what you actually say these days, just so long as someone can interpret it as offensive.

I'd go into details about how other gaming sites are more up tight and sensitive than a constipated person simultaneously suffering from chronic hemorrhoids, but I already ranted about the Escapist a month or so back, so that's been covered. I'm pretty sure the only gaming related place I haven't been suspended or banned from for speaking my mind is Kotaku, so go figure.

This really reaffirms my opinion that the only easy going sites on the net are ones related to or accepting of porn, because it seems most gamers are way too up tight to just live and let live.

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  1. First off, I may steal your "Bundle of Sticks" line in the future. I never thought of the subtlety of wording an insult in that way.

    Gamers in general are either, whiny entitled 12 year olds who haven't hit puberty, annoying the fuck out of me on the microphone to the point where i just disable "Voice Chat" in any game whatsoever, or whiny, entitled 20 somethings bitching about how "Gaming is dead" because they get their asses handed to them by whiny, annoying 14 year olds, who then rub it in over the mic. It's kind of a circle >_>.

    Then there's the single player gamers who just in general couldn't give a fuck less so long as they're having fun.

    -fits mainly into the last catagory these days-