Monday, April 30, 2012

Indolence and Intolerance 2 BETA :

the Domain is being redirected to the new site, but this blog is *STILL* A huge part of the content portal, (Assuming FuktLogik wishes to participate) I'm looking for ideas and projects to tackle with this site, so if there's something you want to see done with that anger and intent, brought to you by Carl's Jr, then please, comment and discuss. Anything that can be done, will. In the meantime, Indolence and Intolerance is already home to : The Music of Forte 'Shankatsu, an up-and-coming rapper from the North End of the SE side of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Dubtitled : A new Radio/Video channel, intent on delivering amusing but forgotten shows, Interesting Mainstream and Indie Music, and hopefully soon a new Podcast being streamed Live on fridays. I hope to see this project succeed! and again, any comments are welcome. an Alternate URL is In case the DNS hasn't carried over yet but you still want to check it out!

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