Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bateson Is Back To Voice Agent 47 In Hitman: Absolution

Holy fuck it's been a while since I posted here. The sun came out and suddenly ranting on the internet seemed less important, but now that the sky has closed up and regularly drenches the landscape in worrying amounts of water it's time to return to my bitter and sarcastic ways. Well, not really. I'm actually pretty relaxed with summer still fresh in my memory, so here's a laid back story about an upcoming game.

Since it was announced last year, it looked like the long time voice of Agent 47 wasn't coming back for Hitman: Absolution. David Bateson, who had been the VO for Agent 47 since the first game released in 2000, had been quietly dropped from the project. Bateson himself even made a statement on his website that IO Interactive were ignoring all his attempts to contact them. One of the devs even mentioned wanting to head in a new direction with the series, and insinuated that the dropping of Bateson was part of that "new direction". Well, with only 3 months left until release, it appears IO has backpeddeled their way away from the roadblock of fan rage they were heading for and have brought Bateson back to reprise his roll as Agent 47 after all. That, or the whole thing about him not being cast as 47 this time around was an elaborate troll by IO Interactive to boost talk about the game.

Details on the facebook page.

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