Saturday, August 27, 2011

Human Revolution Irony

As a Canadian gamer, I'm constantly bombarded with French on my game cases. It's rather annoying, like if every game in America had Spanish all over the case. It's plastered all over the back in addition to the English. It's redundant since there is only one province in this country that actually uses French, and most of them speak English anyway. The end result leaves things looking sloppy, cluttered, and foreign.

Imaging my surprise then, when my copy of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a game developed by a French developer based in Quebec, comes in the mail with only English on the case. It was a welcome change from the usual crappy looking cases we get, but what was really nice is that despite not listing a preorder bonus, BestBuy included the tactical enhancement pack with my order, which is the only way to acquire a silenced sniper rifle in the game.

Human Revolution is out now for the 360, PS3, and PC, and is getting high scores across the board. I suggest you check it out.


  1. I've been playing this for a while and it's pretty kick ass. :D

    Just got to the Tai Young Tower escape..

  2. Yeah, it's got its problems though. Like when trying to do a double takedown while one enemy is standing next to on that's sitting. Or the fact that there is hardly anything to spend money on. I'm near the end of the game, and have over 40,000 credits and have bought all available praxis kits. Or the shortage of side quests.

    It needs some tweaking via patch, but aside from some small things it is a damn good game.

  3. I actually ran out of money alot but I tend to waste it when i've got it, and I didn't bother doing most of the SQ's. I kind of wished there was a "Reply with upgrades and weapons already purchased" type mode like most games these days have but i guess not