Friday, September 2, 2011

Deus Ex and Racisim

Reading gaming blogs this week, I noticed a number of articles whining about the character Letitia and how they felt her character was a racist stereotype. To that, I have this to say: Get the fuck over it.

This is not racism, and even if it was, who gives a shit? The people who wrote these articles are primarily white, so then why do they have to be some uncalled for white knight and blow this totally out of proportion? Is it because it's their job? Is it because they're too uncreative to come up with something other than the "OMG, they're being racist" card? This is like that RE5 situation all over again.

You want more to whine about? Go to 4chan and see the word "nigger" dropped 50 times in a single thread, and even that doesn't matter. So much is defined as racism these days just so people with too much time on their hands and a savior complex have something to cry about and defend.

When someone gets burnt alive while tied to a cross because they're black, that's racism. When someone gets run out of town because they're black, that's racism. When someone gets denied a job they're well qualified for because they're black, that's racism. These are all decent examples of racism in the past and in our current world. Making a video game character based on a stereotype that's accurate for the location of the level they're found in isn't.

This is almost as bad as when John Walker from rockpapershotgun spent an entire article crying about how women were being objectified in the game and during the marketing campaign.

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