Friday, September 2, 2011

MLP & Dear God, Why?

As some people may have noticed by now, there's a new phenomenon sweeping through the internets. Morons who are calling themselves "Bronies" and spend their time watching the new My Little Pony cartoon on CN. And let me just say folks, Vishnuu in his multi-armed form as he becomes death, the destroyer of worlds doesn't have enough hands to fucking facepalm.

I can understand some of the furfags who are getting into it. I can live with that. If they want to dress up and pretend to be magical unicorns, so fucking be it. But even people who have the utmost intolerance of "furdom" have been caught looking at the porn. And as an adult I kind of find it embarassing.

I realize the show creator, Laura Faust (sp?) Is in fact a channer, and I do realize this has alot to do with it. But c'mon folks. Guns 'n Roses did a cover of one of Ted Bundy's songs but that doesn't mean everyone should go out and become a homicidal loon.

The show is for little girls. It's *really* not amusing anymore. Grow the fuck up.

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