Saturday, November 10, 2012

Avarice and Lies

You know one of the things that pisses me off?  Note I said one of the things, since most everything pisses me off these days.  Anyway, it's when companies claim they lost x amount of money in a given year.  Now in the traditional sense of the term, one would have to assume that that dunce Carrol down in accounting misplaced 43 million dollars on her way to the bank, or that the CEO's son took his entire graduating class on a all inclusive 6 week blow and hookers bonanza in Bannock.  But no, in actuality what they really mean is that they didn't meet projected profit.  Projected profit?  The fuck is this shit?

If anything projecting your companies profits is the very definition of counting your chickens before they hatch.  It's the kind of thing that sensible people tell idiots NOT to do. What's even more retarded is the way they calculate projected profits.  For some companies, they at least put some semblance of logic into it, usually by factoring in what projects are expected to release that year, then factoring in popularity of said project, cost of bringing the project to fruition, etc.  However some companies just take the amount that they made the previous year, add 10% on top of that and call it a day. Then when they fail to meet their utterly made up projections they put out an announcement saying they "lost" 43 million dollars.  It's even more ridiculous when a company posts "losses" when the country they reside in is in the middle of a fucking recession.  Yes, Sony, turns out people buy less over priced music from shit artists when they can barely pay the fucking rent. It's almost unfathomable that of all the kinds of people in this world, these are the ones that can successfully operate a business.

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