Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Click of Doom

Oh how I wish this were a post about a shitty B movie involving killer dolphins, but alas it is not.

So up until last week my plan had been to buy another large external HDD for backups once boxing day rolled around and the prices dropped lower than the IQ of a West Virginian PE teacher.  Unfortunately I was fucked by fate once again when I heard a loud clicking sound coming from my computer room last Sunday.  Once I determined which external was clicking I didn't even bother to see if the computer still recognized it, I just used the eject drive tool and shut it the fuck down.  This may have been a poor move on my part, because now that my 2TB replacement has arrived and I'm ready to try and transfer the data, the computer won't even recognize the fucking thing.  It starts spinning well enough, but then what I assume is the arm starts clicking, then after several seconds the drive powers itself down.

This is my first ever HDD failure, and it sure does hit you like a kick in the nuts.  In total I lost 500GB of data.  My entire porn collection including my doujinshi, all my pirated games, all my SFW pictures ( a picture for every occasion), all my manga, all my backup game saves, all my Zero Punctuation videos, all my HD game trailers, all of my music, all my cut scene rips, 90% of my passwords and account names I had in various text files, all gone.

I'll spend a little more time ruling out power issues and other possibilities before I write it off for irreparably fucked. Considering how much time I spent gathering this shit from the endless corners of the internet, and considering how many of those corners have since been shut down, or just died, I probably won't even rebuild.  I'll redownload my ZP and music collections, but then that goes without saying.  The rest I suppose I will just make a mental grave for.

Here lies 7 years of my data.  I meticulously gathered you from infinite sources, organized you by category for nigh on a decade, you were the best of the best, but it is time for you to rest.  Goodnight, my faithful 1s and 0s.

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