Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Women Will Whine

Saw a new game coming out on steam today.  Went to the forums to see what the good word was.  Turns out some overly vocal bitch came to whine about how they didn't provide a strong female character to help her pretend she wasn't fat and useless.

Her "logic" was about how there's no way a large, built man could wield a war hammer, so they should provide a female character since neither would be able to do the things that are shown in the game.

Then another "person" of a similar mindset came in and said the devs were sexist?  Wow.  So basically the devs are sexist because they didn't provide a female character to placate bitching consumers like the OP?

So are they also homophobic and discriminatory because they didn't create a gay character for the homosexuals?  Or a eunuch for the castrated to play as?  Or a drag-queen for the cross dressers to play as?  Or how about a wheelchair bound character for the cripples?  Etc.

Back in the day did all the recently pubescent boys whine when there wasn't a playable male character in Tomb Raider? No, they locked their doors while playing so they could rub one out to Laura's huge 32 bit tits and blocky ass...

I find that in these modern times of entitled twats people have forgotten that companies are in no way obligated to cater to every single niche out there.

Terms like sexist, homophobe, and discrimination are thrown around way too much these days.  Most cases of these things actually aren't.  They're just being described as such by idiots who spit media buzzwords like gatling guns spit bullets:  rapidly and with little accuracy.

Just like everything else on the market, some people will buy it and some won't.  Then there's that special breed that shows up online to cry about it because everyone in their real life would either laugh at them, disown them or leave the room the second they brought it up...

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