Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Equal opportunity to be discriminated against.

I'm sure you're wondering what set me off today. Well, it was when reading an article on Kotaku that was written by someone I can only describe as a naive bint named Leigh Alexander. She said, and this is an accurate quote not even slightly taken out of context, "You aren't ever entitled to discriminate against anybody for any reason.", which is of course the opinion of an ignorant twat that has likely been brainwashed by living in a country where political correctness and tolerance are passed off as being part of some sort of neo religion where everyone is equal, even the ones who obviously aren't. One where you are led to believe that not only is everyone is equal, but that the rights given to you are given by GOD, and not by the ruling party of your government.

So here is a list of things I openly and proudly discriminate against:

Gays (Who won't shut up about being gay)

Blacks (Who steal my things and shank my friends)

Indians (Who ask me for money for food then proceed to run off to their drug dealers)

Japanese (Who shut themselves off from the world and hate everything they'll never experience)

And above all...

People of any subgroup or race including my own (That do all of the above things that I don't care for and even some unlisted ones )

You see, I may be discriminatory, but there's equality in my discrimination.

Oh yeah. and remember that today is American Censorship day. Be sure to sign the letter that the pop up direct you to.

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